JL Wrangler | JT Gladiator Front Differential Cover & Skid Kit [ M210 | 3rd Gen D44 ] Rubicon Edition


Product ID: 6375


The MetalCloak FRONT JL/JT Differential Cover [3rd Gen D44 | M210] is pure protection. Your differential is one of the most vulnerable areas on your Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Truck and now it can be "Cloaked" with our signature MetalCloak Diff Cover and Skid Plate kit.
  • Nodular Cast Iron Diff Cover
  • Designed with a Recessed Fluid Fill Hole
  • 7GA Steel Glide-Skid Mounts to Cover
  • Skid Protects Exposed Drain Plug


Not just a cool piece of armor...
The differential cover is made of Nodular Cast Iron and is tested to over 20 tons of rock bashing strength. It features a Stylish MetalCloak "M" embossed on the outside, a flush mount fill hole, and built in Glide-Skid mounting locations to install the included 7GA steel Glide-Skid. Glide-Skid covers the exposed factory drain on the bottom of the differential to keep it from getting damaged when dragging it over obstacles; Glide-Skid is finished in gold zinc for superior corrosion protection.

Differential Cover comes raw, no finish-ready for your customization.

Glide-Skid comes in our signature Gold Zinc Chromate.

JL Wrangler | JT Gladiator Front Differential Cover & Skid Kit [ M210 | 3rd Gen

SKU: 6375
  • Note: After installation re-fill to factory oil capacity, See owner’s manual for capacity.

    Note: The MetalCloak JL/JT Differential Cover will ONLY work on the front of Rubicon Edition JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator applications.